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Barbed Wire and Razor Wire Toppers

Commercial Barbed Wire Fencing
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J&J Fence has been helping to protect residences and businesses in Los Angeles with security iron and chain link fencing, access controlled gates, guard rails, roll-up doors, folding gates, and window bars since 1978. For those property owners or high security commercial clients who want to go above and beyond the standard security fence, we offer our high quality barbed or razor wire fencing, which provides optimum protection. These are fences that feature strands of barbed wire or razor wire above premium strength chain link fence.

Call us today for a free onsite estimate. We have more than 40 years of experience and are experts in chain link fences and gates with barbed or razor wire.

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Barbed Wire Toppers

Galvanized Barbed Wire Fences
Any of our chain link fences can be topped with barbed wire for added security or to keep out local wildlife such as coyotes or raccoons.
  • One or multiple lines of barbed wire can top our chain link fences
  • Barbed wire twist options: Single, double and traditional
  • Galvanized or vinyl-coated

Razor Wire Toppers

Residential Razor Wire Fence
Razor wire fences are popular with prisons, as well as any high security facility. Like barbed wire, razor wire is generally used for added protection above a chain link fence.
  • Razor wire options: concertina, cross razor, flat razor, straight type
  • Razor wire coils can have a line of barbed wire placed through them
  • Galvanized or vinyl-coated

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My name is Erik Hatchett and my wife and I bought a house in West Hollywood. My friend and I started to demo the old fence and build a new one. Right after we removed the old fence my "friend" never showed up to build the new one. I was in a major pinch . . .

Erik Hatchett

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